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mtDNA sequencing

Next-generation sequencing (NGS) is capable of transforming mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) analysis results. That is, mtDNA analysis enables coroners and forensic laboratories to extract genetic data from a small number of non-ideal forensic samples.

Thousands of copies of mtDNA are carried in every cell in the human body, but copies from different tissues may not be identical. These mitochondrial DNA mutations, called heterogeneity, make it difficult to confirm the sample correlation required for forensic investigations.


Sample Prep

Sequencing Bioinformatic analysis

MGIEasy mtDNA Whole Genome Amplification Kit,One-step PCR to enrich full-length mitochondrial DNA

DNBSEQ-G400RS,A fully validated next-generation sequencing system for forensic genomics

MGIEasy FS DNA Library Prep Set,includes all reagents required to prepare a sequencing library DNBSEQ-G400RS High-throughput Sequencing Set (PE100) Bioinformatics accelerator MegaBOLT
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