Compact and flexible genetic sequencer
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Compact and flexible genetic sequencer

DNBSEQ-G50 is a compact and flexible benchtop genetic sequencer. With the design of two different Flow Cells, it empowers flexibility and creates an ideal balance between speed and affordability. FCS (Flow Cell Small) allows short turnaround time for STAT samples. FCL (Flow Cell Large) enables lower cost per sample. DNBSEQ-G50 offers 3~4 read length options for both FCS and FCL, which support a wide range of researches and clinical applications such as low-pass whole genome sequencing, targeted sequencing, small whole genome sequencing, RNA sequencing and whole exome sequencing, etc.
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10~150 GB per run

PE150 sequencing within only 40 hrs

support several read lengths including SE50, SE100, PE100, and PE150
support sequencing applications for research, clinic, agriculture, etc

Performance Parameter

Flow Cell No.
Flow Cell Type

No. of Lanes per Flow Cell

1 lane
Effective Reads
Read Length

* The maximum number of effective reads are based on the sequencing of an internal standard library. Actual output may vary with sample types and library preparation methods.

Read Lengths


Data Output

Q30 * Run Time**
SE50-FCL 500M ~25G >85% ~9 hrs
SE100-FCL 500M ~50G >85% ~13 hrs
PE100-FCL 500M ~100G
>85% ~26 hrs
PE150-FCL 500M ~150G >80% ~40 hrs
SE100-FCS 100M ~10G >80% ~10 hrs
PE100-FCS 100M ~20G >85% ~20 hrs
PE150-FCS 100M ~30G >80% ~28 hrs

* The percentage of base above Q30 is the average of an internal standard library over the entire run. The actual performance is affected by factors such as sample type, library quality, and insert fragment length.

** Run time is calculated over the entire run including sample loading, sequencing, base calling, and data processing.

System Parameter

  • Operating Environment Requirements*

    Temperature: 19~25℃  

    Relative Humidity: 20%RH~80%RH, non-condensing  

    Atmospheric Pressure: 70kPa~106kPa  

    Waterproof Rating: IPX0  

    *For indoor use only. Sequencing chip can be transported and stored at the room temperature without liquid medium.

  • Control Computer Configurations*

    CPU:  8th Gen Core i7 

    Internal Storage: 32GB RAM 

    HDD: ≥4TB 

    Operating System: Windows 10 IOT (64-bit version)

    *Support the computer’s configurations and system updates.

  • Power & Dimensions & Net Weight

    Type: 100~240V, 50/60Hz

    Rated Power: 900VA

    Dimensions: length: 654mm; width: 489mm; height: 545mm

    Net Weight: 85kg

  • Product Model*


    **DNBSEQ-G50RS (for research only)

    **DNBSEQ-G50CX (clinical purpose, overseas IVD)


    *means that “the product model names, DNBSEQ-G50 and  MGISEQ-200, are used in the selected oversea countries and China, respectively.”

    **means that “*Unless otherwise informed, all sequencers and sequencing reagents are not available in Germany, USA, Spain, UK, Hong Kong, Sweden, Belgium and Italy."

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