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DNBSEQ-G50 Helps With Study on the Transcriptome Structure of Novel Coronavirus

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On March 15th, the RNA Research Center of IBS (Institute of Basic Science) of the Seoul National University and Korea Centers for Disease Control & Prevention used MGI’s DNBSEQ™ technology with Nanopore single-molecule sequencing technology to analyze the total RNA of Vero cells infected by the novel coronavirus. The analysis, combined with previous research, provided high-definition maps of the novel coronavirus transcriptome and epitranscriptome.

Sequencing data shows that the sequencing depth of the DNBSEQ-G50* platform is higher than that of single-molecule sequencing technology. It can cover the viral genome at a higher depth (Figure 1-D), and can study the genome at a more precise level.

Figure 1 Distribution of sequencing data on different platforms and their genome coverage

(Figure A and Figure B are based on the Nanopore platform, Figures C and D are based on the MGI DNBSEQ platform)

In addition, researchers also found that the novel coronavirus uses the classic TRS (Transcription-Regulating Sequence) mediated mechanism to generate most of the sgRNA (subgenomic RNA, subgenomic RNA) (Figure 2-D). They also found many non-classical recombination events which are different from TRS-mediated recombination (Figure 2-E, 2-F, 2-G)

Figure 2 Classical and non-classical recombination sites of novel coronavirus

DNBSEQ-G50, which features small size, flexibility, and wide application, has performed well in this anti-epidemic work. It not only helped disease control units to complete the full-length assembly of the novel coronavirus in the early stage of the epidemic, but also played an important role in subsequent scientific research.

Figure 3 DNBSEQ-G50

At present, MGI is upgrading DNBSEQ-G50, which can more flexibly meet the needs of fast detection applications and scientific research applications. It will be upgraded from sequencing slide FC (300m) to FCL (500m) and FCS (100m). The continuous usage of DNBSEQ-G50 will provide more support for the subsequent scientific research of novel coronavirus.

*DNBSEQ-G50 retains its original product name as MGISEQ-200 in China and some other overseas countries.

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