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MGISP-NE32 is an automated nucleic acid extractor adopting magnetic rod technology. Together with nucleic acid extraction kit, MGISP-NE32 is able to extract and purify nucleic acid from 16/32 samples in about 10 min.
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Flexible: adjustable mixing module with multiple modes & gears; compatible with different magnetic particles and reagents.
Efficient: moving and processing magnetic particles, extracting and purifying nucleic acid from 16/32 samples in about 10 mins.
Safe: UV lamp, 96-well pre-packed plate and disposable tip, avoiding cross-contamination by minimizing contact with sample.
Stable: specially designed heating block for 96-well plate, ensuring even heating during the experiment.

Performance Parameter

Capacity 16/32
Processing Volume

20 µl~1000 µl

Magnet Particles Collection Efficiency
Well Variation


Temperature Control, Lysis/Elution Well

From +5℃ above ambient temperature to 120℃

Temperature Precision


Mixing Module

Adjustable with multiple modes & gears

Pollution Control

UV lamp, 96-well pre-packaged plate and disposable tip
Operating Interface
8-inch built-in touch screen
Program Management
Create, edit and delete program; edit extraction program

System Parameter

  • Power Supply & Dimensions & Net Weight

    Power: AC100 V~240 V, 50/60 Hz, 500 W

    Dimensions(L×W×H): 430 mm x 395 mm x 435 mm

    Net Weight: 32.5 kg

  • Working Environment

    Temperauture: 10℃~30℃

    Humidity: 20% RH~70% RH

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    Not for use in diagnostic procedures (except as specifically noted).
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