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MGISP-NE384 is a high-throughput automated nucleic acid extractor adopting magnetic rod technology. Together with nucleic acid extraction kit, MGISP-NE384 is able to extract and purify nucleic acid from 96/192/288/384 samples. HEPA filtration system and UV lamp, ensure a safe working environment for nucleic acid extraction and lab technicians.
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Flexible: Mixing and magnetic module Z axis independent control, 1-4 modules running choice for 96/192/288/384 samples.
Efficient: Moving and processing magnetic particles, extracting and purifying nucleic acid from 384 samples.
Safe: HEPA filtration system and UV lamp, avoiding cross-contamination and ensuring a safe working environment.
Stable: Reliable hardware design, 96-well plate reagent and disposable tip, minimizing operational errors.

Performance Parameter

Capacity 384 samples
Processing Volume


Working Position 4x6 96-well plate working position
Temperature Control, Lysis/Elution Well

From +5℃ above ambient temperature to 115℃

Temperature Precision


Mixing & Magnetic Module


Mixing Module

Z axis independent control, 1-4 modules running choice

UV Lamp

More than 100,000μW.s/cm2
HEPA Filtration System 99.99% at 3µm
Operating Interface 23-inch built-in touch screen, Windows software
Program Management Create, edit and delete program

System Parameter

  • Working Environment
    19-25℃, 20-80% RH, 80-106 kPa
  • Power Supply&Dimension&Weight

    Power Supply:200-240V, 50/60Hz, 2350W 

    Dimension(L×W×H):1225mm x 740mm x 960mm