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For HotMPS Only
For HotMPS Only
Dimensions4200 mm *4800 mm *2000 mm7200 mm *5000 mm *1950 mm1656 mm *903 mm *1815 mm1656 mm *903 mm *1815 mm1086 mm *756 mm *710 mm1086 mm *756 mm *710 mm654 mm *489 mm *545 mm607 mm *680 mm *640 mm348 mm *312 mm *257 mm
ApplicationsUltra-high-depth Whole Genome SequencingUltra-high-depth Whole Genome SequencingDeep Whole Genome SequencingDeep Whole Genome SequencingWGS, WES, Transcriptome sequencing, etc.WGS, WES, Transcriptome sequencing, etc.Small whole genome sequencing, targeted panels, low-pass whole genome sequencingTargeted oncology panel sequencing, infectious disease sequencing, 16S Metagenomic SequencingRapid Identification of Pathogenic Microorganisms, Small whole genome sequencing, targeted panels
Max. Flow Cell / Run684422121
Lane/Flow Cell++1 Lane1 Lane1 Lane1 Lane4 Lanes or 2 Lanes4 Lanes1 Lane1 Lane1 Lane
Operation ModeUltra-high throughputUltra-high throughputHigh and Ultra-high ThroughputHigh and Ultra-high ThroughputMedium and High ThroughputMedium and High ThroughputMedium ThroughputLow and Medium ThroughputLow throughput
Max. Throughput / Run~72 Tb76.8 Tb7 Tb4 Tb1440 Gb720 Gb 150 Gb96 Gb7.5 Gb
Effective Reads / Flow Cell35 B(PE100)32 B (PE150)5800 M5000 M300 M, 550 M, 1500 M~1800 M1500 M~1800 M100 M, 500 M80 M25 M
Average Run Time60 hrs~80 hrs96 hrs~106 hrs16 hrs~24 hrs20 hrs~22 hrsFCS: 13 hrs~37 hrs FCL: 14 hrs~109 hrs15.5 hrs~50.5 hrs9 hrs~40 hrs5 hrs~30 hrs5 hrs~20 hrs
Min. Read LengthPE100PE100PE100PE100SE50SE50SE50SE100SE100
Max. Read LengthPE150PE150PE150PE100PE300PE100PE150PE300PE150
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