MGISP-Smart 8: Sample Preparation System and Sample Pretreatment Kits
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MGISP-Smart 8: Sample Preparation System and Sample Pretreatment Kits

MGISP-Smart 8 Sample Preparation System is a professional automated pipetting robot, equipped with an independent 8 pipetting channel. The pipetting volume range is from 1 μL to 1000 μL. MGISP-Smart 8 is adaptable to microplates as well as reservoirs and tubes. It saves valuable time and reduces errors inherent in complex, repetitive liquid handling protocols. MGISP-Smart 8 supports customization. It can integrate different functional modules, like PCR machine, shaker, magnetic rack, temperature control module, etc.
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Sensing Function

Integrated Pipetting Robot Arm combined with Integrated rotatable gripper. Real-time sensing of the grasping status, to ensure the stability of the experiment.

Flexible and Efficient

Completely independent of spacing, volume and pipetting height. Both cLLD and pLLD are available.

High Compatibility

Adapted to different types of tubes, reservoirs and microplates. Integrate 9 types of functional modules and Slide Track Deck to meet the application needs of different scenarios.

Intelligent and Informationalized

Sensing and Barcode Scanning Function reducing human error, ensuring the stability of the experimental process, recording information for experiment.

Fully automated quantification and pipetting

Can be integrated with a microplate reader, it enables a fully automated process of quantification and normalization/Pooling for PCR libraries, DNB samples and extracted products, which improves the automation of whole library process and increases laboratory.

Performance Parameter

MGISP-Smart 8
Pipette Type Independent 8-channel pipette
Pipette Range

1 μL~1000 μL

Robot Arm Positioning Accuracy ±0.1 mm
UV Lamp

Radiation dose higher than 100,000 μW.s/cm2

System Parameter

  • Working Environment


    Humidity:20% RH~80% RH,non-condensing 

    Atmospheric pressure:80 kPa~106 kPa

  • Power & Dimensions & Weight

    Voltage:200 V~240 V , 50/60 Hz 

    Rated Power:1500 VA (not including module on operation deck and optional modules)

    Dimensions(W×H×D):1410 mm×799 mm×970 mm (without HEPA module)

    Weight: approximately 220 kg (485 lb, without carries)

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    Not for use in diagnostic procedures (except as specifically noted).
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