MGISP-Smart 8
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MGISP-Smart 8

MGISP-Smart 8 is a professional automated pipetting robot, equipped with an independent 8 pipetting channel. The pipetting volume range is from 1 μ L to 1000 μ L. MGISP-Smart 8 are adaptable to microplates as well as reservoirs and tubes. It saves valuable time and reduce errors inherent in complex, repetitive liquid handling protocols. MGISP-Smart 8 supports customization. It can integrate different functional modules, like PCR machine, shaker, magnetic rack, temperature control module, etc.
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Sensing Function:Integrated Pipetting Robot Arm combined with Integrated rotatable gripper. Real-time sensing of the grasping status, to ensure the stability of the experiment.

Flexible and Efficient: Completely independent of spacing, volume and pipetting height. Both cLLD and pLLD are available.

High Compatibility: Adapted to different types of tubes, reservoirs and microplates. Integrate 9 types of functional modules and Slide Track Deck to meet the application needs of different scenarios.

Intelligent and Informationalized: Sensing and Barcode Scanning Function reducing human error, ensuring the stability of the experimental process, recording information for experiment.

Performance Parameter

Pipette Type Independent 8-channel pipette
Pipette Range

1 μL~1000 μL

Robot Arm Positioning Accuracy ±0.1 mm
UV Lamp

Radiation dose higher than 100 000μW.s/cm2

System Parameter

  • Working Environment

    Temperature: 15℃-35℃ 

    Humidity: 20%RH~80%RH,non-condensing 

    Atmospheric pressure: 80~106 kPa

  • Power & Dimensions & Weight


    Rated Power: the standard configuration 1500VA 

    Dimensions(L×W×H): 1410mm×799mm×970mm 


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