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ZTRON Appliance
The ZTRON Appliance is a data platform which is designed by MGI for the high-throughput sequencers. It integrates laboratory information management system (LIMS), bioinformatics accelerator and high-performance genetic data storage.

ZTRON Appliance can be used directly in the laboratory or in the traditional data centers. It can be deployed independently and scaled out easily.

Safe and reliable, it complies with GDPR regulations and reduces IT maintenance costs.

ZTRON Appliance includes two standard models, it also supports customization and expansion.
  ZTRON Lite- recommended for DNBSEQ-T7
  ZTRON Pro- recommended for DNBSEQ-T20×2
  Customized genomics data center

Product Highlights

High Performance
Analysis speed 60 times faster
Delivery capacity 2 times faster
Large file storage acceleration

High Security
Offline deployment
Standalone network
GDPR compliance

High Intelligence
Automated process
Flexible expansion
Bioinformatics with deep learning

High Availability
Redundant protection
Software fault tolerance
No single point failure

High Cost-effectiveness
Save occupied space
Reduce IT maintenance costs
Reduce storage by compression
Product Features
1 DNBSEQ Max-Capacity Sequencing
High performance computing cluster
Embedded GPU+FPGA accelerators
Automated analysis, multi-task scheduling
CPU+GPU+FPGA heterogeneous algorithms
ZTRON Pro converts the CAL files generated
by sequencers into FASTQ files (WFQ pipeline),
or uses FASTQ files as input, after mapping
and mutation detection, outputs BAM and
VCF/gVCF files (WGS/WES pipeline).
ZTRON Pro integrates ZBOLT heterogeneous
computing technology, which greatly improves
the speed of WGS/WES secondary analysis.
2 PB-level High Performance Genetic Data Storage
500 Tb or 1 Pb available space for each, scale out to 100Pb
Aggregated storage throughput is up to 7Gb/s
Automatic data management (local storage or cloud)
No single point of failure, high available design
Optimized storage for genetic data
3 Laboratory Information Management System
Full life cycle traceability of samples
Abundant work dashboard, intuitively grasp the production situation
Remote monitoring and early warning of equipment status
Data quality monitoring in sequencing process
Compatible with multiple bioinformatics pipelines
4 Application Market
100+ tools and applications
Open-source applications, MGI’s self-developed
algorithms and pipelines
Customized pipelines, flexible configurations
Application Scenarios
Scenario 1
collocate with DNBSEQ-T7, output FASTQ files.



Customer Data Centre
Scenario 2
collocate with DNBSEQ-T7, output VCF files.



Customer Data Centre
Scenario 3
collocate with DNBSEQ-T20x2, output FASTQ files.



Customer Data Centre
Scenario 4
collocate with DNBSEQ-T20x2, output VCF files.




Customer Data Centre
Scenario 5
collocate with multiple DNBSEQ-T7, output VCF files.
*If more than 3 T7 sequencers
are connected to ZTRON Pro
Appliance, the customization
is needed.


ZTRON Lite *n


Customer Data Centre
Product Specifications
Form Factor
Tower server
Intel Xeon Gold 5318Y 24 C 165 W 2.1 GHz CPU * 2
16 Gb TruDDR4 2933 MHz RDIMM * 16
NVIDIA Quadro RTX A4500 20Gb PCle Active GPU * 1
Data Disk
2.5-inch 3.84 Tb hot-swappable SAS SSD * 14
OS Disk
M.2 5400 PRO 480 Gb SATA 6 Gbps non-hot-swappable SSD * 2
RAID 940-16i 8GB Flash PCle 12 Gb adapter * 1
10/25 Gb Dual Optical Network Card * 2
Fiber Optic Module
10 G multi-mode module * 3, 10 G single-mode module * 1 
Power Supply
1,100W (230 VAC/115 VAC) Platinum hot-swappable module * 2
Temperature: 15℃~25℃; Relative Humidity: 20%~80%; for indoor use only
Laboratory information management system, bioinformatics analysis platform and application market
710(length)* 247(width)* 461(depth)
  • Hotline (Global)
  • Email
  • Special Recommendations
  • *For research use only.

    Not for use in diagnostic procedures (except as specifically noted).
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