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The Anshan Municipal Government and BGI Group reached a strategic cooperation to jointly build a multi-omics platform

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On October 28, 2019, the Anshan Municipal People's Government and Shenzhen BGI Technology Co., Ltd. reached a strategic cooperation. The cooperation will build the first multi-group life and health big data center and large-scale genomics sequencing center in the northeast region around the construction of Anshan North International Health City, which will drive the research and clinical transformation of the local life health industry, and help the industrial transformation and upgrading and high-quality economic development. Under this strategic cooperation framework, Northern International Health City (Anshan) Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen MGI Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “MGI”) signed a specific cooperation agreement. Cai Long, member of the Standing Committee of Anshan Municipal Committee, deputy mayor, and Wang Jian, co-founder of BGI Group, attended and witnessed the signing of the agreement.

In recent years, the Anshan Municipal Government has actively promoted the construction of the Northern International Health City, focusing on building a health industry in Northeast China, promoting regional life science research and industrial development, providing a platform support for Anshan's industrial transformation and upgrading, and promoting life science big data output and translational medicine. Research. In this context, Northern International Health City and MGI, a subsidiary of BGI Group, formally reached a cooperation. MGI will provide comprehensive platform construction support for Anshan Municipal Government and Northern International Health City, and through its "Global Production" The most capable gene sequencing instrument DNBSEQ-T7, to create the first gene sequencing center in Northeast China, to meet the needs of localized, high-quality, low-cost genetic data output, and achieve high-quality data output and efficient storage, driving local Basic research and clinical transformation research in life sciences.

Liu Wei, former chairman of Northern International Health City (Anshan) Co., Ltd. (front left)

Signed a cooperation agreement with Jiang Hui (front right), chief operating officer of MGI

Cai Long, member of the Standing Committee of the Anshan Municipal Committee and deputy mayor, said: "The construction of a large platform for cooperation with Huada will drive the Anshan life sciences enterprise to attract talents, rapidly cultivate local talents, and promote the rapid development of new industries and the sharing of research results. Helping Anshan's large health industry develop rapidly and comprehensively, and seize the commanding heights of the industry.

On the basis of setting up the first multi-group platform in Northeast China, the two sides will jointly promote the development and transformation of large-scale population cohort projects such as “Shenzhen 100,000 people genome sequencing”, and carry out the construction of biological sample libraries and biological databases. Piloting the genetic testing of people's livelihoods such as birth defects, tumors and pathogens in MGI, and leading the innovation and development of life-healthy big data centers with gene big data, and using genetic technology to help precision medicine benefit the people of Anshan.