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MGI listed as the pilot demonstration project of “mass entrepreneurship and innovation” platform

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Recently, the General Office of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced the list of pilot demonstration projects for the “mass entrepreneurship and innovation” platform of manufacturing in 2019.The “MGI Informatization Construction Project” declared by Shenzhen MGI Technology Co., Ltd. was selected as a pilot project of “Mass entrepreneurship and innovation” platform and element aggregation enterprise-level “Mass entrepreneurship and innovation” resource convergence platform.

Mass entrepreneurship and innovation is an important engine for stabilizing growth, promoting reform, restructuring, and benefiting people's livelihood. It is the new source of power for China's sustained and healthy economic development. The pilot project of “Mass entrepreneurship and innovation” platform for manufacturing industry is an important measure to promote the coordinated development of “Made in China 2025+Internet + Mass entrepreneurship and innovation”. The life science equipment manufacturing industry with the genetic sequencer as the core is a major tool support for the source innovation in the life science field.

The informatization construction project of this application through the business carding, process standardization, design optimization of information architecture and information technology transformation. It’s combined with needs of enterprise management, business processes and information foundation, the overall planning of information objectives and content, comprehensive systematic guidance of enterprise information construction. At the same time, by implementing the core information security strategy, the core assets of the enterprise will be better protected. Agile development, lean production, quality management, system optimization, implementation and Informatization will effectively promote the refined management of R&D and production costs and quality, thus enhance product competitiveness and the company's continued growth.

MGI always adheres to the philosophy of “To Enable Effective and Affordable Healthcare Solutions for All” and is committed to being the core tool builder of life science. In the future, it will rely on the “mass entrepreneurship and innovation” platform to meet the needs of the comprehensive integration of manufacturing and the Internet. It will be supported by technologies such as industrial networks, industrial software, industrial cloud and industrial big data with manufacturing factors such as people, equipment, technology and capital. Based on the integration of online and business systems with the opening and trading of manufacturing capabilities such as R&D, production and incubation as the core, the development mechanism of multi-participation, high-efficiency synergy, cooperation and win-win as the link to promote manufacturing. As a result, to promote the innovation toward a of whole process, whole industry chain, whole product life cycle, and all-round way.