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Australia's First Commercial MGISEQ-2000 Genetic Sequencer Now in Operation

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MELBOURNE, April 30, 2019 -- MGI announced that Micromon Genomics is the first Australian commercial user of its high-throughput genetic sequencer MGISEQ-2000. Monash University's Micromon Genomics, a next-generation sequencing facility located in the university's Biomedical precinct at the Clayton campus in Melbourne, provides sequencing services to Australian researchers, including DNA, RNA, single cell and customised applications.

"This instrument precisely fits our yield requirements, giving us the flexibility and scope to complete both small and large projects, without the necessity to queue large numbers of samples before commencing sequencing runs," Micromon Genomics' NGS Manager Mr. Scott Coutts said. "Data quality is equal to or better than the data we currently generate on alternative platforms, as well as bringing about substantial service price reductions."

The MGISEQ-2000 sequencer is a comprehensive and flexible production-scale sequencer that supports a range of applications in research, clinical use, forensics and agriculture. It can produce 18.75~1080 Gb per run with a number of read length options, such as SE50, SE100, PE100 and PE150. It takes 48 hours to sequence a PE100 run at full capacity, and less than three days to sequence PE150 at full capacity. Based on MGI's proprietary core technology DNBSEQTM, MGISEQ-2000 supports multi-sequencing modes with increased accuracy, decreased duplicates and reduced index hopping. The innovative optical and biochemical system also enables completion of the entire sequencing process within a short period of time.

"Our vision is to enable effective and affordable life science packages for all. We are proud to support Micromon's top quality NGS services to the local researchers," MGI President Duncan Yu said. "Working closely with our local distributor on the ground, we strive to provide the best sequencing experience for our customers in Australia."

To provide better product and service for users in Australia and New Zealand, MGI authorized Decode Science (DS) as the distributor for next generation sequencers and related products. MGI and DS jointly provide after sales applications and service support to new and existing units in the region, utilising MGI's dedicated local support team.

"The instrument fills a significant hole in the NGS market," said Mr. Josh Warburton, CEO of DS. "The combination of the flexibility of the unit, robustness of the data and a significant cost advantage is creating considerable interest amongst Australian researchers. We are pleased that now Australian researchers can access the MGI technology locally through the capabilities of Micromon Genomics."

MGI has a strong local support team based in Brisbane providing commercial support, technical training and after-sale services to the ANZ region. MGI instruments are gaining more recognition from local scientists and researchers. A group from Queensland Institute of Medical Research (QIMR) has validated the data from MGI platform1, showing "a high concordance to detect germline and somatic SNVs and indels" compared to a competitor's sequencer. The latest publication of a benchmark study2 for single cell RNA-seq application on various high-throughput sequencing platforms demonstrates the comparative high capacity and economic advantages of MGISEQ-2000. The MGI platform is also gaining recognition around the world, with 240 patents granted globally, more than 250 publications using MGI sequencers, and over 22 petabytes of data generated. MGI has delivered over 1,000 sequencers to more than 300 users in 16 countries worldwide.  

As of March 2019, the global installed capacity of the sequencer exceeded 1,000 units, and the number of users exceeded 300, covering 16 countries and regions.

About MGI

MGI Tech Co., Ltd. (MGI) is committed to enabling effective and affordable healthcare platforms for all. Based on its proprietary technology, MGI produces sequencing devices, equipment, consumables and reagents to support life science research, medicine and healthcare. MGI’s multi-omics platforms include genetic sequencing, mass spectrometry and medical imaging. Providing real-time, comprehensive, life-long packages, its mission is to develop and promote advanced life science tools for future healthcare.

About Micromon Genomics

Micromon is a not-for-profit facility located in the Biomedical precinct at Monash University, Melbourne, Australia. As a specialist facility, Micromon offers expertise in DNA and RNA technologies where Sanger long-read sequencing and Next-Generation short-read sequencing form the key services, along with allied technologies. With more than 35 years of experience, Micromon has a long history of excellent project design and management, and a strong focus on personalised customer service and support.

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