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MGISP-100B is a liquid handling workstation with integrated 8 channel pipette, which can be used for extraction. MGISP-100B can work with MGIEasy Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit and extract 8/16/24/32 samples per run. It also can be used to set up RT-PCR after extraction automatically.
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① Each run can perform 8/16/24/32 samples within 40-80min.

② Easy to operate, no manual intervention during extraction.


① Integrate various functions, require less than 0.5m3 .

② Can perform extraction and RT-PCR setup, just cooperate with few common auxiliary device.


① Use filter tips for avoiding cross contamination

② Enclosed safety protection door and automated extraction to protect operator safety.


① Good repeatability between run and run, stable extraction effect

② The lower limit of the pipetting range is 2 μL . The accurate pipetting precision ensure better higher extraction efficiency.

Performance Parameter

Standard:8/16/24/32 samples/run
Pipette Type
Fixed 8 channel
Pipette Range
2 μL~200 μL
Pipette CV
2 μL :<5%, 200 μL: <1%
Pipette Accuracy
2 μL: <±10%,200 μL:<±1%
Temperature Control Module Range
Temperature Control Module Accuracy
±1℃ at 55℃
Temperature Control Module ±1℃ at 72℃ 
±1℃ at 72℃
Positioning precision of robotic arm
HEPA System
ISO5 Class
UV Disinfection
Radiation dose is higher than 100 000μW.s/cm2

System Parameter

  • Power&Dimensions&Net Weight

    Dimensions:Length 780mm,Width 725mm,Height 777mm

    Net Weight:120kg

    Power Type:100~240V,50/60Hz

    Rated Power:400VA

  • Operating Environment Requirements


    Relative Humidity:20%RH~80%RH,non-condensing

    Atmospheric Pressure:80~106kPa

    Waterproof Rating:IPX0