DNBSEQ-G400 (For HotMPS Exclusively)
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DNBSEQ-G400 (For HotMPS Exclusively)

DNBSEQ-G400(1) is built with a new Flow Cell system that can flexibly support a variety of different sequencing modes. It adopts optimized optical and biochemical systems, which can complete the sequencing process rapidly, providing users with a more streamlined sequencing experience.

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Remark: The DNBSEQ-G400 (For HotMPS Exclusively) have been discontinued. To find an alternative instrument, we recommend using our DNBSEQ-G400RS Genetic Sequencer. For more details, please consult your local sales representative.

Performance Parameter

DNBSEQ-G400(1) Specifications
Platform DNBSEQ-G400(1)
Flow Cell No. 2
Flow Cell Type FCL
Lane No./Flow Cell 4
Effective Reads/Flow Cell (3) 1500 M~1800 M
Read Lengths






(3) The maximum number of effective reads are based on the sequencing of an internal standard library. Actual output may vary with sample types and library preparation methods.
DNBSEQ-G400RS(1)  Performance
Read Lengths Data Output/Flow Cell Data Quality Q30 (4) Run Time (5)
SE50 75 Gb~90 Gb >90% 14 hrs
SE100 150 Gb~180 Gb >85% 22.2 hrs
PE50 150 Gb~180 Gb >90% 25.2 hrs
PE100 300 Gb~360 Gb >85% 42.4 hrs
PE150 450 Gb~540 Gb >80%
55.2 hrs

(4) The percentage of base above Q30 is the average of an internal standard library over the entire run. Actual performance is affected by factors such as sample type, library quality, and insert fragment length.

(5) Run time was calculated based on dual-slides mode and takes sample loading, sequencing, base calling and data processing in account.

System Parameter

  • Product Model

    DNBSEQ-G400*(clinical purpose, overseas IVD;Cat No:900-000492-00)

    DNBSEQ-G400RS*(Cat No:900-000493-00; For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

  • Power & Dimensions & Net Weight

    Power Type: 100 V~240 V,50/60 Hz

    Rated Power: 1200 VA

    Dimensions(L×W×H): 1086 mm×756 mm×710 mm

    Net Weight: 200 kg

  • Operating Environment Requirements

    Temperature: 19~25℃

    Relative Humidity: 20% RH~80% RH, non-condensing

    Atmospheric Pressure: 70 kPa~106 kPa

    Waterproof Rating: IPX0

  • Control Computer Configurations

    CPU: Intel Xeon E5 10 Core x 2  2.2 GHz

    Internal Storage: 256 Gb RAM

    HDD: 16 Tb

    SSD: 480 G

    Operating System: Windows 10 Enterprise

(1) This sequencer is only available in selected countries, and its software has been specially configured to be used in conjunction with MGI’s HotMPS sequencing reagents exclusively.

(2) This sequencing reagent is only available in selected countries.

DNBSEQ-G400RS (Cat.No.900-000493-00) and DNBSEQ-G400 (Cat.No.900-000492-00) whose software has been configured for HotMPS MUST be used in conjunction with MGI’s HotMPS sequencing reagent, and MUST NOT be used with MGI’s CoolMPS or StandardMPS reagents (or with any reagents containing a 3’O-azidomethyl blocking group). This is important because (i) such sequencers will not work effectively with MGI’s CoolMPS or StandardMPS reagents (or with any reagents containing a 3’O-azidomethyl blocking group); and (ii) the use of such reagents will give rise to the risk of patent infringement proceedings. Use of MGI’s CoolMPS or StandardMPS reagents (or with any reagents containing a 3’O-azidomethyl blocking group) with such sequencers will invalidate any warranty which may have been provided by MGI, and any liability for intellectual property infringement arising from the use of such reagents is excluded from any IP indemnity.

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  • Special Recommendations
  • *For research use only.

    Not for use in diagnostic procedures (except as specifically noted).
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