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DNBSEQ-G400 HotMPS High-throughput Sequencing Set*

HotMPS High-throughput Sequencing Set* utilizes DNBSEQ™ technology. A sequencing run starts with the hybridization of a DNA anchor, then a fluorescent probe is attached to the DNA Nanoball (DNB) using combinatorial probe anchor sequencing (cPAS) chemistry. Finally, the high-resolution imaging system captures the fluorescent signal. After digital processing of the optical signal, the sequencer generates high quality and high accuracy sequencing information.

HotMPS High-throughput Sequencing Set (G400 HM FCL SE50)

Item No.:1000028237

HotMPS High-throughput Sequencing Set (G400 HM FCL sRNA SE50)

Item No.:1000028240

HotMPS High-throughput Sequencing Set (G400 HM FCL SE100)

Item No.:940-000089-00

HotMPS High-throughput Sequencing Set (G400 HM FCL PE50)

Item No.:940-000491-00

HotMPS High-throughput Sequencing Set (G400 HM FCL PE100)

Item No.:940-000489-00

HotMPS High-throughput Sequencing Set (G400 HM FCL PE150)

Item No.:940-000244-00

Remark: The DNBSEQ-G400 HotMPS High-throughput Sequencing Set have been discontinued. To find an alternative reagent, we recommend using our DNBSEQ-G400RS High-throughput Sequencing Set. For more details, please consult your local sales representative.

Recommended Applications

Squencing type




Pathogen Detection



WES/WGS/RNA-seq/Multiple PCR
PE150 WES/WGS/RNA-seq/Multiple PCR


*This sequencing reagent is only available in selected countries.

The HotMPS sequencing reagent can only be used with DNBSEQ-G400RS (Cat.No.900-000493-00) and DNBSEQ-G400 (Cat.No.900-000492-00) whose software has been configured for HotMPS, and will not work effectively with MGI’s sequencer whose software has not been properly configured for HotMPS. Use of these reagents with sequencers whose software has not been configured for HotMPS will invalidate any warranty which may have been provided by MGI, and any liability for intellectual property infringement arising from the use of such reagents is excluded from any IP indemnity.

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    Not for use in diagnostic procedures (except as specifically noted).
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