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Product Description
MegaBOLT bioinformatics analysis accelerator (hereinafter called MegaBOLT) is an MGI self-developed and MPS-concentrated hardware accelerating system for bioinformatics analysis. MegaBOLT supports the analysis of Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS), Whole Exome Sequencing (WES), and Panel Sequencing on Germline or Somatic data. It is 20 times faster than the traditional approach. Fast, integrated, easy to use, and economic are MegaBOLT’s most prominent features.
MegaBOLT products include the workstation and rack server, which can be applied to various scenarios of all scales.
  • Laboratories
  • Hospitals
  • Research institutes
  • Enterprises
MegaBOLT adopts heterogeneous computing to accelerate analysis. It accelerates algorithms such as SOAPnuke, Minimap2, BWA, GATK HaplotypeCaller + MuTect2 through multi-stream and highly parallelized computing architecture, which contributes to a massive speedup in massive data analysis.

Multi-task scheduling system acceleration
Integrated with the self-developed multi-task scheduling system, MegaBOLT supports simultaneous multi-task computing on one single server. The computing efficiency is further improved by 16% to 28%.
  • WGS 30X NA12878 DNBSEQ
  • WGS 400X NA12878 DNBSEQ
* The mean value is calculated by executing the same 4 tasks at the same time.
After speedup, the analysis precision remains steadfast. MegaBOLT is also configured with a deep learning variant calling module, MegaBOLT-DV, which is optimized by algorithms and specified neural network model training. When MegaBOLT is used in combination with PCR-Free library preparation and MGI DNBSEQ™ sequencing technologies, the human WGS variant calling precision can reach SNP 99.9% and INDEL 99%.

02.Deep learning making sequencing more cost-effective
The deep learning variant calling module, MegaBOLT-DV, helps to greatly reduce the sequencing depth and cost without affecting the analysis precision.
Compared with the traditional variant calling results of 30X PCR data, SNP of 15X PCR-Free data from MegaBOLT-DV is close while INDEL better.

Integrated with the self-developed laboratory information management system ZLIMS, MegaBOLT realizes fully automated sequencing and analysis. It can work together with MGI DNBSEQ™ sequencers or sequencers of other platforms.
  • Laboratory device management and real-time monitoring
  • Sample information recording and tracking
  • Data transmission and management
  • Analysis task scheduling and computing
  • Analysis result/report management and visualization
  • Easy to use
    The Web design makes MegaBOLT simple and easy to use. You can just click a couple of buttons to submit a task and check the results on the website. In this case, a bioinformatic technical background is no longer necessary.
  • Economic
    With a prominent speedup in computing and rigid control over hardware prime cost, a MegaBOLT server works like 10 normal computers in total and is without doubt highly cost-effective.
Heterogeneous computing system of CPU and FPGA
accommodates high-speed sequence analysis

MegaBOLT’s heterogeneous computing system of CPU and FPGA, fulfilling from FASTQ input of sequencing data to BAM output of alignment result and VCF/gVCF output of variant calling result. The FPGA hardware logic circuit is specially designed for bioinformatics computing to increase its analysis speed. We adopt a multi-stream computing architecture for FPGA and divide data into smaller granules for higher efficiency. We also further streamlined the whole process and developed a highly parallelized computing architecture, thus realizing highspeed WGS/WES analysis and computing.

Compared with the common analysis workflow, MegaBOLT stands out for the following features:
  • Specialized FPGA hardware logic circuit for Bioinformatics computing
  • Multi-stream computing architecture
  • Highly parallelized computing architecture
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