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940-001342-00、940-001370-00、940-001369-00Universal Sequencing Reaction Kit (G400 FCL PE50&PE100&PE150)EU
940-001350-00、940-001349-00、940-001339-00Universal Sequencing Reaction Kit (G400 FCL SE35&SE50&SE100)EU
1000028454、940-000268-00DNBSEQ-T7RS High-throughput Sequencing Set (FCL PE150)EU
940-000233-00、940-000227-00、940-000209-00MGISEQ-2000RS & DNBSEQ-G402RS High-throughput Rapid Sequencing Set(G400 SM DB FCS SE100)EU
940-000232-00、940-000231-00、940-000226-00、940-000225-00、940-000208-00、940-000207-00MGISEQ-2000RS & DNBSEQ-G400RS High-throughput Rapid Sequencing Set(G400 SM DB FCS PE100、FCS PE150)EU
940-000230-00、940-000224-00、940-000206-00MGISEQ-2000RS & DNBSEQ-G400RS High-throughput Rapid Sequencing Set(G400 SM App-A FCS SE100)EU
940-000229-00、940-000228-00、940-000223-00、940-000222-00、940-000205-00、940-000204-00MGISEQ-2000RS & DNBSEQ-G400RS High-throughput Rapid Sequencing Set(G400 SM App-A DB )FCS PE100、FCS PE150EU
940-000995-00、940-000996-00、940-000997-00G400 SM DB FCL SE35&SE50&SE100EU
940-000999-00、940-001000-00G400 SM DB FCL PE100&PE150EU
940-000998-00(G400 SM DB FCL PE50)EU
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