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Maternal blood typing

Next-generation sequencing technology is used to sequence the cell-free DNA in the maternal peripheral blood, which contains genetic information of maternal and the fetus, combining the information of the alleged father to analyze the parent-child relationship. It adopts a two-step multiplex PCR method to enrich 2010 high frequency single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) and finish sequencing library preparation.

Sample Prep

Sequencing Bioinformatic analysis

MGIEasy Pa-SNPs Genotyping Kit, Detect over 2010 SNP markers in one tube and it includes all reagents required to prepare a sequencing library for forensic DNA samples

DNBSEQ-G400RS, Comprehensive, flexible, and supports multiple different sequencing modes

DNBSEQ-G400RS High-throughput Sequencing Set (SE50) Bioinformatics accelerator MegaBOLT

DNBSEQ-G50RS,Easy to use,small footprint, suitable for a variety of operating environments

DNBSEQ-G50RS High-throughput Sequencing Set (SE50)
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