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The fantastic world of single cells in the pocket |global launch of DNBelab C series free test

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The fantastic world of single cells in the pocket --DNBelab C series opens applications for free beta test


In the world of Pokémon, the "monsters" thrown out ofAsh Ketchum's pockets brought many surprises toaudiences around the world.


At MGI’s product launch October 25, something elseemerged from a pocket to surprise and delight the audience --our new portable single-cell system DNBelab C4. 


Now, applications for the beta test of DNBelab C series RNA products are available globally. (Click“Apply” to have the opportunity for a free beta test).


The "single-cell laboratory that can fit into a pocket" launched by MGI includes DNBelab C4 Pocket Single-Cell Lab and DNBelab C Series Single-Cell Library Preparation Set. Designed for use on MGI’s DNBSEQ?series sequencing platform and with related single cell analytic software, the system enables single cell omics research to be one-stop, portable and instant.


Portable, instant, one-stop


The compact DNBelab C4 Pocket Single-Cell Lab is 230mm long, 42mm wide and 57mm high, and weighsonly 220g. Most importantly, it requires no power, and can be used for single-cell barcoding instantly, providingconvenience to researchers.


Moreover, this small handheld device is both stable and accurate, as experimental data show. The paper “A portable and cost-effective microfluidic system for massively parallel single-cell transcriptome profiling,”preprinted in bioRXiv Oct. 25, shows that the system has low multiplet rate, high gene detection sensitivity and can efficiently capture rare cells. 


Besides its portability, stability and precision, the DNBelab series is highly automated product with a simple, one-stop process. The DNBelab C4 Pocket Single-Cell Lab and C Series Cell Omics Solutionimplements the entireprocess of single-cell omics analysis from cell suspension to single-cell analysis. After the high-quality single-cell (nuclear) suspension is prepared, the DNBelab C4 will perform mRNA capturing and barcoding by self-designed micro-particles, followed by efficient demulsification recovery of micro-particles, reverse transcription, cDNA synthesis, and followed by high-throughput library preparation, sequencing, and data analysis.


The system can capture 1000~4000 cells each time. Together with the MGI series of gene sequencers and recommended single-cell analysis software, it offers a one-stop single-cell sequencing process. Used with the ultra-high-throughput sequencer DNBSEQ-T7, thesystem can achieve a throughput of nearly 100 samples per day and obtain 100,000-level cell numbers.


Trial application is available 

To apply for a free trail of MGI’s unique DNBelab single cell omics package, please follow the steps below:


1. Click “Apply” to have the opportunity for a free beta test. The deadline is November 22, and opportunities are limited. Please fill out the form.

2. Applications will be reviewed November 23-28. We will notify successful applicants by email before November 29, and inform them about the sample requirements. 

3. The deadline for sample delivery is December 20, 2019.

Come and join us to experience the wonderful world of single cells in your pocket!

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