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With 5g technology, Ruijin Hospital completed the remote display of MGI's remote ultrasonic diagnosis system

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Editor's note

After the 5G commercial license was officially released, have you imagined how everyone's life would be changed? Imagine in the future, what changes will the new generation of communication technology bring to the medical field? Compared to 4g, 5g technology the 5g technology has a large bandwidth and high rate and the air interface transmission delay is as low as 1 millisecond... So, when the 5g communication technology meets the MGI-based remote ultrasonic diagnostic system MGIUS-R3, what will happen?

[Shanghai, Ruijin Hospital] At 2:30 pm on July 8, 2019, Zhan Weiwei, director of the Department of Ultrasound, Ruijin Hospital of Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine (hereinafter referred to as "Ruijin Hospital") is using the remote ultrasound diagnosis system MGIUS-R3, Ruijin North Hospital. The two patients are undergoing ultrasound examination. With the audio and video interaction function of the remote system, Director Zhan Weiwei can communicate with the patient in real time, and through the operating hand system, it is able to scan the patient with real-time control of the ultrasonic mechanical arm "probe" 30 kilometers away.

During the demonstration, Director Zhan made a clear "diagnosis" for the two patients: "The first patient had multiple gallbladder polyps with cholesterol crystallization, and the second patient had a space-occupying lesion in the right thyroid. For benign nodules, you can explore them further."

Director Zhan said that remote ultrasound inspection in 5g environment can realize real-time operation in different places. Whether it is in terms of operating feeling or image quality, the remote ultrasonic diagnostic system can meet the needs of ultrasound diagnosis. The system can be used for remote consultation of difficult patients to provide accurate and efficient medical diagnosis. In addition, the scene can be extended to aerospace, offshore, and to achieve rapid direct response and medical coverage in extreme environments.

Using the remote ultrasound diagnostic system MGIUS-R3, Ruijin Hospital and Ruijin Hospital North Hospital completed a remote ultrasound display with 5g support. In the process of building the National Medical Center and the integration of the Yangtze River Delta, Ruijin Hospital will also leverage 5g technical support to realize the integration of long-distance, multi-scenario, and better provide multi-level quality medical care for the people.

The MGIUS-R3 remote ultrasonic diagnostic system independently developed by MGI has used cutting-edge technology fusion such as robot technology, real-time remote control and high-resolution ultrasound imaging. The 5G delay is less than 30ms, which is beyond the traditional ultrasound diagnosis. At the same time, it also provides multiple safety guarantees for patients. In the opinion of on-site medical experts, such telemedicine programs can not only ease the hardships of patients' referrals and reduce risks, but also greatly solve the structural contradictions of medical systems that are not balanced across regional diagnostic resources, and provide patients with acute diseases in remote areas. Accurate and efficient medical diagnosis, truly realizing telemedicine collaboration between medical associations.

In the future, through the integration of cutting-edge medical equipment with advanced communication technologies, MGI will further promote the sinking of high-quality medical resources, realize the gradual improvement of the graded diagnosis system, and balance the coverage of medical resources; it will continue to promote the application research of smart medical technology, relying on innovation. It will vigorously promote the construction of cutting-edge basic platforms in the field of life science research and precision medical development, build new medical formats, promote the innovation of medical service concepts and models, and help the development of 5G smart medical business.

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