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MGI Platform Contributes to the COVID-19 Efforts in 23 Provinces in China

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In response to the COVID-19 resurgence in Nanjing, Changsha, Beijing, Anhui, Sichuan, Hainan, and Fujian, MGI quickly deployed its mobile nucleic acid testing platforms to help local health authorities improve the testing capacity. MGI's proprietary automation systems have supported the outbreaks in more than 23 cities in China to date.

Featuring high mobility, flexibility, and quick results, MGI's mobile platforms can be flexibly installed in outdoor places to meet the urgent testing needs in response to sudden outbreaks.

In addition, MGI production team from Shenzhen and Qingdao have gathered to MGI Wuhan to support the production of automation equipment, ensuring the large-scale nucleic acid testing in various places.

MGI production team set out to support the outbreak in Wuhan

Eight Container Labs installed to achieve daily testing capacity of 800,000 samples in Changsha, Hunan

On August 1st, MGI urgently deployed 8 Container Labs from other cities to Changsha, Hunan Province. Through multi-party coordination, the first lab arrived at Changsha First People's Hospital at 10:00 pm, to assist the local large-scale nucleic acid testing.

                                                          The Container Labs Arrive in Changsha

8 Container Labs can process up to 800,000 samples a day if 10 samples are mixed in one tube for batch testing.

One Container Lab was delivered to Dongfang city, Hainan to safeguard the border

To fully support the COVID-19 pandemic control and prevention, one Container Lab was delivered to Dongfang city on July 13. The Lab is capable of processing 5000 samples a day, and 50,000 samples a day if 10 samples mixed in one tube for batch testing.

The Container Lab Arrive in Dongfang City, Hainan Province

MGI Automation System contributes to the COIVD-19 response in Wuxi, Jiangsu province

At 10 am on August 1, the Huo-Yan lab equipped with a full range of MGI automation systems was built in Wuxi Sports Center Gymnasium. Empowered by MGI automation system, the "Huo-Yan" lab can process 30,000 samples a day, and 300,000 samples a day if 10 samples are pooled in one tube for batch testing.

When the Jiangyin Huo-Yan lab and Yixing Lab are built up and put into operation, three Huo-Yan labs work together can achieve a daily testing capacity of 90,000 samples and 900,000 samples if 10 samples are pooled in one tube.

MGI Automation Systems Arrive in Yixing

MGIers are Being Trained to Airport the Jiangsu Outbreak

MGI automation systems are playing an instrumental role in the national pandemic control and prevention by enabling fast-turn-around COVID-19 testing. MGI's innovative platforms have supported 23 cities in China to date.

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