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MGI Launches All-in-one "Intelligent + Telemedicine" Robotic Ultrasound Platform to Build a New Smart Healthcare Ecosystem

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ZHUHAI, CHINA, September 18, 2021 -- MGI launched all-in-one 'Intelligent + Telemedicine" Robotic Ultrasound Platform at the 14th Congress of the Asian Federation of Societies for Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology (AFSUMB 2021), in conjunction with the 21st Annual Meeting of Chinese Society of Ultrasound in Medicine (CSUM 2021) held on 16-19 September 2021 in Zhuhai, Guangdong Province. This all-in-one platform integrates remote ultrasound robot, handheld ultrasound device, MGI robotic ultrasound vehicle and cloud platform for remote diagnosis.

MGI's All-in-one "Intelligent + Telemedicine" Robotic Ultrasound Platform Officially Released

MGI's all-in-one platform contributes to relieving the shortage of medical resources.

With the development of 5G technologies, cloud computing and artificial intelligence (AI), telemedicine has become more accurate and secure. Top hospitals in major cities across China also carried out remote training and consultation with rural hospitals to help distribute high-quality medical resources to aid resource-constrained areas.

At present, however, most traditional telemedicine consultation methods are based on a single audio/video and image transmission software, making it difficult for experts to conduct remote real-time diagnosis.

To this end, MGI developed the all-in-one "Intelligent + Telemedicine" Robotic Ultrasound Platform utilizing the world's leading innovative technologies including cloud computing, encrypted cloud storage, high-definition audio-video system, instant messaging and blockchain cryptography to bring a new consultation experience for both doctors and patients.



MGI's all-in-one platform enables sonographers to conduct "remote intelligent diagnosis" to overcome the distance limitations of traditional ultrasound diagnostic methods, contributing to building a new smart healthcare ecosystem.

MGI's all-in-one "Intelligent + Telemedicine” Robotic Ultrasound Platform brings new user experience for remote real-time consultations.

Sonographers can manipulate the robotic arm beside the patient via a control system at the doctor's end to conduct "remote real-time diagnosis" for patients up to 1,000 kilometers away. Meanwhile, the experts can also conduct online diagnosis through the remote consultation cloud platform to identify hemangioma and fatty liver for patients.

Professor Xiong Yi, Vice President of Shenzhen Luohu District People's Hospital, Demonstrates the New Consultation Platform

"MGI has always been committed to developing advanced life science tools for future healthcare, and we hope this new all-in-one "Intelligent + Telemedicine" Robotic Ultrasound Platform will bring more benefits to doctors and patients, especially for those areas with scarce medical resources." Said Duncan Yu, President of MGI.

Yu Dejian, President of MGI

Based on the new platform, sonographers can conduct real-time consultation through PCs and mobile phones to overcome the common issues of time, distance and availability, making the real-time ultrasound diagnostics accessible to more people in need.

MGI Handheld Ultrasound Devices

MGI's 5G-powered Robotic Ultrasound Vehicle

With the online diagnosis services, patients don't need to get out the house to receive quality medical services from the comfort of their homes, and it also saves time and cost.

Overall, this all-in-one platform can help patients and doctors to realize real-time two-way communication and comprehensive information sharing to meet the needs of medical resources in remote areas.

In addition, it can also provide services such as multi-expert remote consultations, real-time high-definition conferences, remote teaching, AI-assisted diagnosis, and academic discussions to provide collaborative telemedicine solutions for all medical institutions.

MGI's remote robotic ultrasound system has received Class III medical device qualification by the China National Medical Product Administration (NMPA). Empowered by the 5G network, it can provide one-stop ultrasound diagnosis from the hospitals for patients that may be thousands of miles away, contributing to relieving the shortage of medical resources in remote areas.


MGI all-in-one "Intelligent + Telemedicine" robotic ultrasound platform will further upgrade medical diagnosis and treatment contributing to building a new smart healthcare ecosystem.

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