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MGI Automated Pipetting Workstation Expands Compatibility with 28 More Third-party Processes

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MGI has developed a holistic, entire-process automation product line covering sample pretreatment, automated nucleic acid extraction, and automated pipetting workstation, on the journey to expand its laboratory automation business.

MGI's automation systems have been applied in genome sequencing over the years featuring a variety of proprietary automation technologies for nucleic acid sample processing including pipetting platform and temperature control platform. It is also an essential tool to support high-throughput sequencing. As traditional manual sample preparation cannot meet the needs of large-scale genome sequencing in terms of efficiency and accuracy, MGI laboratory automation systems can effectively solve these problems.

During the COVID-19 outbreak, thousands of MGI automation systems were used on the frontline against the pandemic in China and abroad, and have attracted public attention from worldwide. Demand for large-scale nucleic acid testing has undoubtedly bolstered laboratory automation, but previously it had already become an industry trend. Meanwhile, automation equipment will also serve as an "assistant" in scientific and clinical research, tumor screening and precision medicine, as well as pathogen detection to cater to diverse applications and personalized user needs.

Possessing a deep pool of technologies after years of exploration

With a rich pool of technologies on library preparation, sequencing, and experiments, MGI's automation equipment has supported over 24 provincial-level administrative regions in China, and  the fight against COVID-19 internationally including more than 70 countries and regions including France, Singapore, Sweden, Laos, and Latvia. With the rapid development of the life science industry, MGI will continue to provide users with innovative application products and a one-stop platform based on a wide range of user groups and cutting-edge technologies, and enable laboratories to become automated, smart, and information-based.

At present, the company provides pipetting workstations of different throughputs (1-96). While achieving full coverage in throughput, it also integrates ultra-high-throughput unattended automated library preparation production lines, to conduct reaction system configuration, sample assembly, normalization and pooling, magnetic bead purification, and polymerase chain reaction (PCR) to meet the needs for different applications.

Discovering more possibilities with customized consumables

MGI automation equipment is accompanied by stable supplies of consumables, which can be highly customized to cater to special needs. Apart from the basic tips, the company also provides a complete set of tubes, plates, slots, and consumable adapters, offering one-stop automated library preparation solutions.

Adapting to market demand and accommodating 28 third-party processes

A key criterion to assess the soft power of a manufacturer is whether third-party processes can be compatible with the pipetting workstations to improve the pace and efficiency. As of 2021, MGI's pipetting workstations have established compatibility with 128 processes, including 28 general third-party processes. Assisted by MGI automation systems this enables customers to quickly adapt to the increasing market demand by using third-party applications.

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