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MGI Ultrasound Products Showcased at the 2022 ISEE & CEFE

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The opening ceremony of 2022 ISEE & CEFE powered by INTERSCHUTZ

Hangzhou, China, August 28, 2022 --The 2022 ISEE & CEFE powered by INTERSCHUTZ officially opened at Hangzhou International Expo Center. MGI's robotic ultrasound system MGIUS-R3 and H1 series wireless handheld ultrasound made a stunning appearance, showing the world the progress and innovation of China's emergency medical technology.

MGIUS-R3 enables remote diagnosis to reduce the risk of transmission

MGI imabot robotic ultrasound system MGIUS-R3

Fever clinics, which are responsible for receiving patients with suspected fever and infectious diseases, are the top priority during the control and prevention of infectious diseases. In addition to COVID-19, other diseases such as gallstones, pancreatitis, and appendicitis can cause feverish symptoms, and the cause of such conditions can be quickly identified by ultrasound scanning. However, traditional ultrasound method requires the sonographer to enter the infected area after a series of rigorous sterilization procedures and stringent Personal Protective Equipment procedures, which can take 1-2 hours.

MGIUS-R3 offers a new approach to examination, achieving "remote real-time diagnosis" without the need for a physician to be at the same location as the patient. This avoids the possibility of direct physical contact between the sonographer and the patient, reduces the time spent by the doctor in an exposure suit, and shortens the time required for ultrasound examinations in infected areas from one hour to current 10 minutes, improving the examination efficiency.

Whenever and wherever get your ultrasound images with wireless handheld ultrasound

MGI imabot H1 series wireless handheld ultrasound

MGI also unveiled its H1 series wireless handheld ultrasound device at this year's Emergency Expo. Compared with traditional desktop ultrasound machines, this device has highly integrated ultrasound imaging components into a handheld ultrasound device that is only the size of a mobile phone. Using Android-based mobile phones, tablets, and other smart terminals to scan the QR code on the probe, connecting wirelessly to the device for real-time access to ultrasound images, instant browsing, and data storage.

MGI's H1 series wireless handheld ultrasound is small, portable and suitable for medical institutions, clinical departments and community consultation to meet the demand of fast arrival and easy operation, thus a perfect complement to traditional ultrasound examination.

The showcase of MGI's robotic ultrasound system MGIUS-R3 and H1 series wireless handheld ultrasound is considered as a demonstration to the world the development and innovation of telemedicine technology in China. In the future, MGI will continue to explore innovations in the field of ultrasound medicine and improve the uneven distribution of medical resources to make ultrasound diagnosis more accessible to citizens.

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