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MGI Unveils Comprehensive Expansion of Automation Product Lines for Life Science and Healthcare Research

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The company will offer new and improved solutions for sample pre-treatment, sample preparation and integrated testing, leveraging its innovative technologies and expertise in genetic sequencing and multi-omics.

Shenzhen, China- January 30, 2024 - MGI Tech Co., Ltd. (referred to as MGI), a leading provider of cutting-edge tools and technology for life science and healthcare research, today announced a strategic expansion of its automation product lines. This expansion covers sample pretreatment, sample preparation and integrated testing, leveraging its innovative technologies and expertise in genetic sequencing and multi-omics.

MGI’s automation product lines aim to address the growing demand for high-throughput, efficient and reliable solutions in precision medicine, precision agriculture, precision healthcare and related industries. 


  (MGI’s full automation product portfolio)

Sample Pre-treatment:

MGI’s sample pre-treatment products, extending from its successful COVID testing portfolio, including the High-throughput Automated Sample Transfer Processing System MGISTP-7000 and the Automated Sample Transfer Processing System MGISTP-3000. These solutions will now cover a broader spectrum of samples and assays, including sample collection and extraction. The focus

is on enabling fast and accurate DNA/RNA extraction, a pivotal step for downstream analysis.

Sample Preparation:

MGI’s sample preparation products offer a diverse range of systems for nucleic acid library construction. Highlights include the High-throughput Automated Sample Preparation System MGISP-960, the Automated Sample Preparation System MGISP-100, and the upgraded

MGISP-Smart 8 system featuring ProcessGo software for improved integration and user-friendly features, and the revolutionary automated lab-on-a-chip system DNBeLab-D4 system. The DNBeLab-D4, leveraging advanced microfluidics technology, ensures unparalleled precision in

digital PCR applications, setting a new standard for accuracy and efficiency in nucleic acid quantification. Additionally, the MGI-Glab system, a fully automated solution for large scale projects, can handle up to thousands samples per day, providing tailored solutions for clinical laboratories, research institutes, and biotechnology companies.

(Automated Sample Preparation System MGISP-100)

(automated lab-on-a-chip system DNBeLab-D4 system)

(MGISP-Smart 8 system)

Integrated Testing:

MGI’s integrated testing system feature the MGIFLP-L50 system, a modular sequencing workstation integrating the entire sequencing workflow into one machine. This fully automated solution supports diverse research and applications in microbiology, reproductive health and more.

(MGIFLP-L50 system)

MGI's expansion of automation product lines emphasizes its commitment to intelligent innovation in life sciences, and providing advanced tools that enhance efficiency, accuracy, and research

turnaround times. Its comprehensive workflow solutions eliminate bottlenecks, enabling researchers to focus on result analysis rather than labour-intensive tasks.

“MGI is proud to announce the expansion of our automation product lines, providing advanced solutions to our life science and healthcare partners. Our vision includes increased automation and intelligent features, empowering researchers for data-driven decision-making and contributing to societal advancement through continuous innovation.” said Duncan Yu, President of MGI.

MGI will showcase its complete portfolio of automation solutions for laboratories at SLAS2024 and Medlab Middle East 2024. MGI welcomes all attendees to visit its subsidiary Complete Genomics’ booth #1337 at SLAS2024 in Boston, from 3-7 February and booth #Z4.H10 at Medlab Middle East 2024 in Dubai from 5-8 February.

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