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Facilitating HPV Screening: Feedback from Real Tests on the MGISTP-3000 Platform

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Human Papillomavirus (HPV) stands as the primary cause of cervical cancer. Early HPV screening plays a pivotal role in detecting viral infections promptly, furnishing clinicians with crucial insights to devise effective treatment strategies. In 2021, the World Health Organization (WHO) unequivocally advocated for HPV DNA testing as the preferred screening modality. Nonetheless, the manual preprocessing steps inherent in this method—such as decapping and recapping sample tubes, alongside intricate pipetting maneuvers—not only consume considerable time and labor but also harbor the potential for personal injury and operator exposure to infection risks.

Enter the MGISTP-3000, a game-changing solution revolutionizing sample transfer preceding HPV screening

The upgraded MGISTP-3000 seamlessly automates the decapping, transfer, recapping, and recycling processes of HPV sample tubes(only for Hologic Thinprep tube) . By doing so, the MGISTP-3000 not only mitigates human errors and bolsters workflow efficiency but also minimizes the likelihood of operator exposure to infections, thereby markedly enhancing HPV screening efficacy.


MGISTP-3000 Sample Transfer Processing System 

Product Highlights

l  Enhanced Automation: The system boasts high automation, featuring automatic barcode recognition, decapping, pipetting, recapping, and recycling of HPV sample tubes. This advanced functionality significantly diminishes human errors while vastly improving work efficiency.

l Reliable test data: Compared with the test result data after manual operation, the consistency of positive and negative is high, ensuring the reliability and accuracy of the test results.

l  Comprehensive Information Traceability: Integrated sample tube scanning, deep well plate scanning, and PCR product plate scanning enable meticulous tracing of sample information throughout the entire process, bolstering data integrity and accountability.

l  Stringent Safety Measures: Equipped with dual sets of HEPA filtration systems for air intake and exhaust, the apparatus operates under negative pressure, effectively containing infectious aerosol emissions and ensuring a safe and dependable operational environment.

l  Rapid and Accurate Performance: Capable of transferring 96 samples within a mere 40 minutes with pinpoint accuracy, the system significantly reduces manual interventions and shortens processing time, facilitating swift and precise test execution.

Revealing MGISTP-3000's Practical Application in HPV Screening Pre-treatment

Currently, MGISTP-3000 has been on trial for half a year at a third-party testing agency in Shenzhen, China, processing close to 3,000 samples. Let’s take a look at the daily conversation in

the laboratory:

A:Before using MGISTP-3000 into our workflow, I had to painstakingly match a large number of samples with their corresponding barcodes daily. Unfortunately, errors were bound to occur over time. Moreover, manually opening lids for 200 to 300 samples each day resulted in painful blisters on my hands.

B:After you open the cap, I have to transfer the liquids one by one. The monotony of this task was truly mind-numbing and tedious.

A:Yes, now with MGISTP-3000, as long as I click the start button, the transfer of 96 samples can be completed within 40 minutes. During this period, we can complete other tasks and enhance overall productivity.

B:Furthermore, I was always worried about manual handling with the samples and causing infection, but now with MGITP-3000 I don’t have to worry anymore.

A:And the results of our test are also very good. Whether it is the success rate of decapping,

the accuracy and CV of pipetting, or the consistency compared with detection results after manual pipetting, they are all very high. Even if there is an occasional decapping failure, the system can clearly point out which sample has the problem after the automated process is completed, so that we can quickly identify and deal with it.

B:To address concerns about liquid splashing during drainage, I conducted thorough testing using the checkerboard method. Notably, there was no evidence of liquid splashing in the blank holes, reassuring us of minimal risk of sample contamination. Below, you'll find the test data from recent days for your perusal:

(Success rate of decap & recap can reach 99.5%)

(No liquid visible)

(checkerboard method)

(Negative/positive consistency rate:>95%)

(Pipetting accuracy and CV)

Contact us at MGI-service@mgi-tech.com or reach out your local sales staff for further questions!

MGI HPV screening product combination

Besides transfer automation, MGI also provides one-stop solutions for large-scale HPV screening, including MGISP-3000 and MGISP-960, covering sample processing, nucleic acid extraction, system construction and qPCR detection, enabling full-process automation , ensuring accurate

and traceable data.

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