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MGI Successful Participation in P4 China 2018 3rd International Precision Medical Convention

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P4 China 2018 3rd International Precision Medical Convention has recently wrapped up in Beijing. MGI showcased MGISP-960, its latest high-throughput automated sample preparation system, which has attracted the attention of experts, scholars, and peers.

With the rapid growth in sequencing market, the workload of sequencing sample preparation has also increased exponentially. The slow speed and instability of manual sample prep have become the roadblock for sequencing development of many organizations. As a developer of NGS platforms, MGI has been addressing this issue and carried out research and development of the NGS automated platform.

Newly released MGISP-960, a fully automated workstation is capable of processing 8-96 samples per run, has a 24-position board supporting multiple combinations of functional modules. With built-in NGS sample-prep process, it replaces manual handling nucleic acid extraction, magnetic bead purification, enzymatic reaction, PCR, size selection, target capture, DNB making and more “By reducing the manual operation, speeding up the whole sample prep, and more importantly by standardizing the process, MGISP-960 shows obvious advantages compared to the traditional manual sample prep,” said Dr. Jingjing Wang, Product Manager of MGI, while announcing the parameters of MGISP-960 to the guests. “For example, MGISP-960 takes only 34.5 hours to complete a WES library, with a 2-hour manual operation. 96 libraries can be prepared within 34.5 hours while a traditional manual one takes 72 hours,” added Dr. Wang.

MGISP-960 can perfectly support the operational capabilities of MGISEQ-T7 (Learn more about MGISEQ-T7 here: https://en.mgitech.cn/products/instruments_info/5/ ) and other high-throughput sequencers. Taking the example of Whole Exome Sequencing (WES), MGISP-960 can complete the sample prep of one flow cell of MGISEQ-T7 per run, generating data volume of about 1.2T per run.

Committed to self-developed automated NGS platform to solve users’ problems and increase of productivity, MGI brings the MGISP to work with MGISEQ. MGISP-960 is a fast, efficient and cost-effective workstation to enhance your competitiveness in the industry. We also look forward to diversifying our product applications for cell biology, drug discovery, protein science, analytical chemistry and more.

More about MGISP-960: https://en.mgitech.cn/products/instruments_info/4/

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