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MGI launched the Global Sequencer User Program in Europe at the 3rd Annual Nordic Precision Medicine Forum

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On March 18th 2019, MGI was invited to present at the 3rd Annual Nordic Precision Medicine Forum’s breakout session: "A New Era of ‘Broadband’ Sequencing to Realise the Full Benefits of Genomic Information. In the breakout session, speakers shared the outstanding performance of the MGI sequencing platform. At the same time, MGI officially launched the “Global Sequencer User Program” in Europe.

MGI made a breakthrough from 0 to 1 within five years, and independently developed a variety of sequencing instruments series. Meanwhile, MGI sequencing platform has gradually gained more and more attention within the industry. MGISEQ-T7, which released in October 2018 broke the limit with single-day data output reaching 6T. The market response was enthusiastic. MGI committed to provide a basic and optional choice for the gene sequencing industry through its continuous efforts. As one of the most important sequencing markets, the European high-throughput sequencing market has an annual growth rate of 15.4%. It is estimated that by 2023, the market revenue will reach 605 million US dollars. In such a fast-growing market, high-quality and reliable sequencing tools are the foundation. With such an opportunity, MGI officially launched the "Global Sequencer User Program" in the European Region. Mr. XU Pingfei, head of MGI Europe and Africa, said that the "Sequencer User Program" will provide members from the European region with the core tools and comprehensive technical support, including reagents, training and application guidance. MGI aims at offering an open sequencing platform through the "Global Sequencer User Program" to promote the development of the gene sequencing industry in Europe.

At the 3rd Annual Nordic Precision Medicine Forum, MGI initiated on-site recruitment of members of the EuropeanSequencer User Program”. MGI will provide supports for the first batch of members with reagents, free trials of analytic software and so on. The "Global Sequencer User Program" expects to attract more institutions and enterprises to participate the program and benefit from the latest gene sequencing technology.

Prof. Mathias Uhlen from the Royal Institute of Technology of Sweden, Dr. Rainer Lehtonen, Senior Research Fellow from the University of Helsinki, and Dr. LUO Yonglun, Executive Director of the Lars Bolund Recombination Group Research Center, shared their experience with MGI sequencing platform at breakout session of the New era of broadband sequencing and the benefits of genomic informationand expressed their praise and recognition of the MGI sequencing platform data.

Dr. WANG Jingjing, MGI Product Manager, introduced the new generation of ultra-high-throughput sequencer MGISEQ-T7 and the disruptive single-tube long-segment technology (stLFR) to the audience. MGI has developed a single tube Long Fragment Read (stLFR) and matching system based on the concept of "marking the same molecular label from a short-reading fragment of the same long DNA molecule" (DNA co-barcoding). The kit enables long-segment DNA information based on high-precision short-read sequencing. Combined with MGI's DNBseq sequencing technology, it enables more comprehensive and accurate detection of whole genome variation at a lower cost. During the 3rd Annual Nordic Precision Medicine Forum, MGI's stLFR technology and its products received extensive attention. In the European Sequencer User Program, stLFR is including as one of the core supportive product.

According to the feedback from the Nordic Precision Medicine Forum, most experts believe that MGI's sequencing platform enable the choices for the European market, which will benefit the healthy development of the European sequencing industry. Furthermore, MGI's patented technologies, such as DNBseq and stLFR, will bring more accurate and faster genome sequencing to the society, which will also help to accelerate the progress of large-scale population genome projects.

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