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Powerful versatility-MGISP-960 supports 10 third-party brands of reagent kits

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With the continuous improvement of sample size and sample processing quality standards, automated database construction has gradually become the mainstream. MGISP-960 is a high-throughput automated sample preparation system independently developed by MGI, which can fully automate 8~96 samples at a time. In addition to supporting a variety of MGI series of kits, it is now available to adapt to five high-throughput sequencing sample preparation kits from five third-party brands.

First, flexible combination of modular

Second, strong versatility:

Support third-party 5 brand 10 kits

Third party kit

MGI kit

Partial data display
Adaptation kit:
VAHTS Universal DNA Library Prep Kit for Illumina V3

Recommended configuration: (Order number: 900-000107-00)

Automated process

Comparison of automated database construction and manual database construction:

Performance display:

By testing the control DNA and human gDNA attached to the kit, MGISP-960 can obtain qualified stable concentration and fragments. Experiments show that MGISP-960 is your ideal choice for high-throughput automated database building.

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