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MGI Robotic Ultrasound System Selected for 17 Pilot Projects Under the National 5G+ Medical and Health Application Pilot Project List

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Shenzhen, China, 17 August 2021 - The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the National Health Commission of China announced the List of 5G+medical and health application pilot projects. MGIUS-R3 Robotic Ultrasound System was selected for 17 pilot projects covering 4 categories including 5G+Emergency Treatment, 5G+Remote Diagnosis, 5G+Remote ICU and 5G+Healthcare Management.

MGI Robotic Ultrasound System is the world's first ultrasonic device that can conduct remote real-time diagnosis without the need for a physician to be at the same location as the patient via 5G network. The product combines robotic technology, remote real-time control system and high-resolution ultrasound imaging to overcome the distance limitations of traditional ultrasound diagnostic methods.

5G + Emergency Treatment

Under this Category, the MGI system was successfully selected for the 5G+ Plateau emergency treatment project.

5G+Remote Diagnosis

Under the 5G+ Remote Diagnosis category, MGI system was selected for a total of 14 5G+ Remote Ultrasound Robot related projects that were initiated by medical institutions from 8 provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities directly under the Central Government.

A Sonographer from Shanghai Tenth People's Hospital Operating the MGI Robotic Ultrasound System

5G+Remote ICU

MGI system was selected for the 5G+Remote ICU project initiated by the Third Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University. Powered by 5G network, medical devices can monitor the vital signs, location, and movements of critical patients in real time and report early warning signals to medical staff.

A Sonographer from the Third Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University Operating the MGI Robotic Ultrasound System

5G+Healthcare Management

The Guizhou 5G+ Preventive Health Management Pilot Project initiated by the Affiliated Hospital of Guizhou Medical University was also included in the 5G+ Health Management pilot project.

The Launching Ceremony of the "Guizhou 5G+ Preventive Health Management Pilot Project"

MGI will continue to develop advanced life science tools, carry out pilot projects and explore new applications to benefit more people based on 5G and cutting-edge technologies.

Background of 5G+Healthcare Management Pilot Projects

In November 2020, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the National Health Commission of China jointly issued Notice on Organizing the Application of 5G+Medical and Health Application Pilot Project, aiming to encourage the development of innovative 5G+ Medical and Health Applications in China.

The pilot projects cover 8 major categories including emergency treatment, remote diagnosis, remote treatment, remote intensive care, diagnosis and treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, hospital management, intelligent disease control and prevention, and health management.

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